From Old World to Old West

Summertime in Bozeman, Montana. It couldn’t be more different from a busy European capital but here we are. The main draw, of course, is Jenny and her family, but there’s much more. Bozeman is nestled in the Gallatin Valley, surrounded by mountains. Known for Big Sky and Bridger Bowl skiing and its proximity to Yellowstone, Bozeman is paradise for people who like to spend time outdoors. We’re looking forward to a summer of hiking, float boating, and maybe some fly fishing.

Frank and I have been coming to Bozeman since Jenny and Aaron moved here 17 years ago. Since then, the population has grown by more than 10,000 — traffic is heavier and you’ll find a proliferation of chain stores and strip malls spreading out from the city edges. The center of town, however, remains charming and vibrant. Our apartment is conveniently located on Main Street with its many fun, local shops and countless restaurants. The area hosts a farmers market, art walks and pop-up concerts. Jenny is about 10-15 minutes away.

Other than a short visit back to Milwaukee in July, Bozeman will be our home until mid-September.



13 thoughts on “From Old World to Old West

  1. It makes me so happy to see you both enjoying life to the fullest.
    You both so deserve it. Sending all my love!!!! Mary


  2. Beautiful area of the country~ and looks like you are taking it all in! Have a great summer exploring and visiting Jenny and family.


  3. Bozeman is on my list of places to go – I wish I had a free weekend, I’d come crash on your couch – like it or not!! :/ What a gorgeous place to spend the summer! No wonder the population is growing so quickly – it looks like paradise! Enjoy your hikes and pretend I’m walking next to you! xxoo


  4. Hello… I’m driving from Ohio to Bozeman area in a couple weeks to hike part of the CDT. Do you know of any shuttle services, or individuals (not necessarily yourselves) who would be able to transport a hiker to/from the trail? I’m willing to offer gas $$. (I’m also pondering approaching from West Yellowstone). Gracias!


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