Slice of Americana

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a traditional parade in a small Western town?!! The crowd was friendly and the down-home feel of historic, downtown Ennis, Montana was the perfect place to experience enthusiastic patriotism — a slice of America at its finest!

Later on in the day, Jenny had us over for a cookout to celebrate the holiday, as well as Aaron’s birthday. Just before dusk, the fireworks began. In Montana, it seems anyone can purchase and light off fireworks that would rival any of the professional displays back home. Everywhere you looked, be it above subdivisions, in town or in wide open fields, colossal, colorful fireworks exploded amongst the starry skies. The blasts and bursts of color lasted long into the night — a fine ending to a perfect holiday celebration!



One thought on “Slice of Americana

  1. Robin and Frank
    Just wanted you to know I enjoy your posts. It warms my heart to see you guys doing all these adventures.
    All is well here!! Keep up the good times!!! Mary


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