Beautiful Bozeman

Most people associate Bozeman (and Montana, in general) with beauty. Vibrant images of Yellowstone, the gentle grace of fly fishing in “A River Runs Through It” and the thrill of skiing through deep powder at Big Sky bring to mind all this year-round recreation paradise has to offer. I confess to not being a “winter person,” although I’ve been known to enjoy my blue and green runs skiing Bridger and Big Sky and getting lost in a good book while curled up near a roaring lodge fire. But for me, Bozeman is best experienced when the weather turns warmer. From the blooming of the mountain flowers to the harvesting of the golden wheat fields, our summer in Bozeman has left us in a constant state of awe. Each turn of a trail delivered a unique perspective and the proud collapse at the top of a mountain was rewarded with stunning and ever-changing vistas. In closing out our 2017 adventure in Bozeman, I will attempt to share some of what we experienced. Although it’s hard to capture completely, I can best express our journey through some photos. Enjoy!

One thought on “Beautiful Bozeman

  1. Your pictures are AmAZinG!!! Looked through them a few times and can’t get over the beauty of Bozeman! Sounds like another great summer in the books for the B’s! ❤


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