Happy Birthday Canada!!!


Happy 150th Birthday Canada! And what better way to celebrate than with a road trip across the country?! Frank and I are heading along the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s one of the world’s longest highways, spanning ten provinces and 5,000 miles! Since we’ve been to and LOVED Vancouver, we are beginning this adventure near the eastern edge of British Columbia in Kootenay National Park. In honor of the sesquicentennial, Canada is providing free admittance to its national parks!


Border control was a breeze as we entered Canada north of Whitefish, Montana. Almost immediately, we were greeted by the jagged, ice-capped peaks of the towering Canadian Rockies. The road itself is visitor friendly. Speeds are slower, giving us a sense of safety and the opportunity to admire what we are seeing. Restrooms (albeit simple outhouses) and roadside “litter barrels” are plentiful.

About halfway through Kootenay Park, we begin to notice severely charred hills.  Like so many areas in the western United States, this summer’s wildfires have ravaged millions of acres. Lightning sparked a blaze that has scorched over 38,500 acres in Kootenay and neighbouring Assiniboine Provincial Park.

In contrast, we hiked the area around Kootenay’s Marble Canyon, a limestone gorge with stunning aqua waterfalls.

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