Trans Canada, Eh: Calgary

IMG_3429To say Calgary was not what we expected would be an understatement. First of all, did you know the population is 1.3 million? It is Canada’s third largest city and the fastest growing — the population has increased almost 38% in the past twenty years!

The two things I knew about Calgary before we went were that it hosted a winter Olympics and that it was nicknamed “Cow Town.” Canadians also refer to it as the heart of the “New West.”  It was anything but the sleepy cow town we expected!

Calgary is a vibrant, modern city of skyscrapers and great neighborhoods. There is a lot to do and see and it’s easy to get around. Plus, it’s only three hours from Banff. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the snow, Frank and I could see ourselves settling down here (SOMEDAY!!).

I had planned to do just a couple small blurbs from each city and sight as we traverse  across Canada but Calgary deserved its own page. It was THAT impressive!

One thought on “Trans Canada, Eh: Calgary

  1. More great pictures! This is how I feel about Vancouver! Those Canadian cities are pretty spectacular! I love your comments and all your cute pics of Frank!! Hugs to both of you!


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