Cleveland Rocks!


At the end of our trip across Canada, we dropped into Ohio. Our main reason was to see an old friend of Frank’s but I had even bigger motivation. Cleveland is the location of the original house from “A Christmas Story” and I planned to take our annual Christmas card photo there. I didn’t expect much from Cleveland. I imagined it to be kind of dreary and depressed. Was I ever wrong!

We arrived at our downtown hotel in the middle of weekday and it was eerily quiet. Greater Cleveland has over 2 million people. 14,000 live downtown and over 100,000 work there. The super clean streets, flanked by a mix of modern and beautiful old buildings, were virtually empty. Once work got out, it was busier but never seemed too crowded.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rocks. It is well-worth a trip to Cleveland all by itself. Frank and I spent a full day here. It was informative, amazing and just so much fun!

A Christmas Story

One of my favorite movies of all time is “A Christmas Story.” I watch it at least once every Christmas and it never fails to make me laugh. I was so excited to visit the original Ralphie’s house and incorporate the photos into our Christmas card. Could I get Frank to wear that pink bunny suit?!!!


The end of a chapter

Thank you for joining us in Venturesome Vagabonds. Our second travel blog since we began our adventures has ended but our travels continue. Click here as we journey on in Traipsing Troubadours.

One thought on “Cleveland Rocks!

  1. Cleveland! Who knew?! Loved the pics and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame looks amazing! Dick requested the song At Last at Keaton’s wedding – one of his favorites! Looks like you had another great time – can’t wait to get your Christmas card!


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