To market, to market, to buy a … to be a fat pig

Today we visited Mercado da Ribeira, downtown Lisbon’s largest farmers market. In business since 1892, restauranteurs and locals come to haggle on a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meat, fish and flowers.

What makes the market unique is how TimeOut magazine took over and transformed half of the space into a gourmet food court. Yes, a gourmet food court. There are no fast food stands and no franchises. The Mercado hosts over 30 stalls featuring Portuguese top chefs, restaurants and shops.

Choosing what to eat was difficult. Feel like breakfast? There are cafes and tasty custard tarts. Lunch or dinner? Choose from fresh seafood, traditional Portuguese, Asian, Italian and more. Restaurants and freestanding bars offer wine, beer and other bebidas (beverages).

And the desserts . . .

We visited over a busy lunchtime but heard that the place really gets hopping around 9pm. The food pavilion is open until midnight during the week and until 2am Thursday through Saturday!

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