Aquariums are a gill-ty pleasure of mine. Take me to one and I’m happy as a clam. No, sea-riously, if you think there’s somefin cooler, let minnow…

3 thoughts on “Fin-atic

  1. Hey Robin, What a load of CARP! Your puns are really CRAPPIE! I don’t SEA it, WATER you thinking, your love of aquariums? I think you’re just FISHING for comments. Even though Frank has SOLE, if you throw him in, on PORPOISE, he’ll be FLOUNDER-ing around, and very CRABBY until you pull him out. Then he’ll be pissed cause he SMELT like fish. It’s no FLUKE, you’ve just been SCHOOLED by a FISH-erman. LOL,



  2. You’re way too clever for me! I won’t even try to keep up. :/ Again, great pictures and I love your commentary and descriptions. Great reference if I ever get there!


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